This year we will once again have some additional meeting events provided by ACVO that you can purchase tickets to attend.  The Fun Run is available for purchase.  Also additional guest tickets for the Wednesday night Welcome Reception are available for purchase.  The Friday Night Reception will be available at a later date.

ACVO Welcome Reception - Guest Ticket

Wednesday October 11, 2017
6pm - 8pm

Join everyone in the exhibit hall to launch the opening of the ACVO’s 48th annual conference.  Mingle with ACVO & AVOT attendees, along with 40-50 vendors and enjoy some complimentary food and drinks.  You must sign inwith AVOT first to receive your name badge, this is your pass to access the hall, so please allow time to register before meeting people at this event. Registration will be open at 5pm. (Children under the age of 5 are allowed without a ticket.)

All registered AVOT meeting attendees will be granted one admission ticket that is included with their Meeting Registration fee, as well as one drink ticket, for the ACVO’s Welcome Reception.
Like last year, ACVO will launch their exhibit hall during the reception, combining both events. 

If you wish to bring guests, EACH guest over the age of 5 must have a ticket or they will not be granted admission.  The cost for each guest will be $25. Children under 5 are welcomed to attend and do not require a ticket purchase.  Again if you have registered for the meeting and are not bringing any guests, you do not need to purchase a ticket!!

Tickets will be distributed during VOTS registration Wednesday night outside of the exhibit hall. Again, Guest admittance will not be granted if a ticket is not purchased in advance. 

Deadline for purchasing additional tickets is 8/25/17!

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Saturday Morning Fun Run, Walk, And Stroll

Saturday October 14, 2017

Come join us for a beautiful run or walk. The run starts at 6:30am on Saturday. Refreshments will be provided at the end of the run.  Course information can be found on the ACVO website (click here). Registration and cancellations will not be possible after August 18, 2017.

Tickets are $10.00.  Registration includes a T-shirt, a map for the run and drinks.

These tickets are NOT included with your meeting registration.

Registration and cancellations will not be possible after 8/18/17.

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