The 2019 AVOT/ACVO Meeting will be held in Maui, Hawaii November 6th-9th. Please click here to visit the ACVO meeting page.

AVOT will hold their meetings on Thursday and Friday. The meetings will run approximately from 8a-5p on those days. For information on any additional events please visit the ACVO webpage. Registration will open May 1st and you will register through ACVO. The registration will not be through our website! There are no annual dues unless you are a VTS Academy member. Please do not pay the annual dues unless you have gone through the VTS process and passed the VTS exam.

Please email us at to join our list serve to stay up to date on all meeting information. 

Previous Meetings
2018 Minneapolis, Minnesota
2017 Baltimore, Maryland
2016 Monterey, California
2015, Coeuer d’Alene , Idaho
2014, Fort Worth, TX
2013, San Juan, Puerto Rico